Katarzyna Skrobotowicz CAROBOTO

I would like to thank Joanna for her great work. She understood perfectly my needs and prepared a wonderful logo and brand book.
She has a fine taste, good advice and time to listen. Everything was done in short term, as agreed.


Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni ze współpracy. Mieliśmy konkretną wizję jak ma wyglądać identyfikacja naszego sklepu. Pani Joanna doskonale nas zrozumiała, a logo i znak oraz materiały dodatkowe jakie powstały przerosły nasze oczekiwania. Są piękne, eleganckie i jedyne w swoim rodzaju. Jesteśmy zachwyceni! Do tego należy pochwalić pełne zaangażowanie oraz świetny, profesjonalny i bardzo miły kontakt.


Working with Joanna was a thorougly positive experience. She’s extra professional and competent and always well prepared. On top of that, she’s easy-going and open to my ideas and suggestions so talking about our project was in fact a friendly conversation. I loved the form she sent at the beginning of our cooperation –it was thoughtful and filling it out made me think through the image I wanted my brand to express. The logo she came up with was a hit between the eyes –just what I was looking for! I look forward to working with Joanna in the future.


I am so happy and proud of the beautiful logo you’ve created for us. Amazingly smooth cooperation and fully professional.

Iga Garbowska THINK CARE

Creating company’s logo is an integral part of the process of shaping the company’s image and appeal. Responsibility for this task is equally shared between the customer and the designer. Efficient communication and understanding of client’s needs is the only way to reach satisfactory results. The way Joanna Malik provides her services is highly professional and cooperative. What is more, her openness, propriety and promptness contribute to altogether extraordinary results.


Working with Joanna was pure pleasure. She is a very creative person. She was able to from the things that I told her created something wonderful. I felt in love with the first logo Joanna proposed for me. You can see she is professional, fast and passionated about her work. Highly recommend!


I am very impressed with Joanna’s ability to design our company identity package. I have worked with Joanna over the last 20 months and have to say not only is Joanna reliable, a great communicator and very focused on the creative process, her ability to listen and understand the clients’ needs turn into ongoing cooperation, which then delivers remarkable results, each and every time. Her professionalism, response and fast and efficient turnaround time is something that I was looking for and I would defiantly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their branding to the next level.


Working with Joanna was and surely will continue to be a great pleasure. I have worked with many graphic designers but Joanna is the first one who mastered the skill of combining both creativity and great graphic work with perfect time and client management. Her proposals are always clearly presented, she takes great care in explaining the path she took to reach her designs. Joanna is one of the few graphic designers I can wholeheartedly recommend!

Jakub Szymański GAANEESH

Before working with Joanna I worked with a different graphics designer that charged the same price and just didn’t know how to make an appealing logo. When I got in touch with her, straight away I could see how professional she is. Not only she made an aesthetic and beautiful logo but also supplied me with many other important files like sticker projects and business cards. Furthermore she has finished the project earlier than the deadline we set.

Adam Pasierbek COLLABOAT

Cooperation with Joanna was not only an easy way to achieve the goal. With her involvement in the project, perfection and passion to create, our work was also very inspiring experience. We are certainly sure that DreamGarden won’t be our last project.


Joanna knows that I’ve always had trouble expressing what. I feel, so I will write very briefly: First-class, professional designs. Great value and a great start to my business. I received not only a uniquely designed logo, for a reasonable price, but also excellent service. Joanna, it was an honor working with you! With all my heart I thank you and sincerely recommend you to everyone!

Ela Chowaniec KUKAKUK

The high level of service – both in terms of artistic and execution.  Original and very unique logo and web design. The modern look and  professional approach. Details follow the guidelines. Besides – a huge  imagination, taste and feel. I’m in love with my kukakuk.

Laurent Calvayrac L’EMBALLAGE VERT

Joanna has a real talent. She did and created exactly what I expected. Plus, she is very organized and the work returned is clear and complete (I liked very much the Brand Book).  She relooked also my blog www.lemballageecologique.com and I am very satisfied. I recommend her to any entrepreneur who wants a real identity through a logo.


The logo designed for RM has been an outstanding success thanks to Joanna Malik. It was a  great pleasure to cooperate with such a thorough, conscientious and creative person on the project. Her prolific graphic designs, keeping the client up to date and informed of  even the smallest alternations to the project, her useful suggestions and paying attention to the most precise details of her design make Joanna Malik Fly High Design an exceptional company and a brand of  high standards.

Bassel Mawlawi KINANA FILMS

I have never met face to face with Joanna, however, from the very first point of contact, it has been a breeze to put forward my needs for a wide variety of graphic designs. I was able to put forward my ideas by answering a few very simple and straight forward questions and with her high quality professionalism and flexibility, I was able to make changes and take constructive input to reach a mutual goal. This whole process has been a pleasure and during the design stage, I was able to rest assured that the work is in safe, artistic and professional hands. I would definitely recommend working with Joanna Malik for any graphic design needs.


Although I never have fully defined thoughts or ideas, Joanna has a great ability to read my mind and quickly finds a sollution for all my needs. Her professional mind created a stylish logo, advertisements, web-site laout and much more – which fitted my concept in 100%. Her profesionalism is exeptional and the ideas she has are superb. I can summarise it in just one way: Exeptionally creative mind!

John Legas ITBOX

Although I have never met face to face with Joanna or detailed and fully defined my thoughts or ideas about
a logo or a graphic design request, Joanna with her professional approach and attention to detail, created distinguished designs for our brand or our customers. Her first-class, artistic, professional designs adds great value to our offerings and it has been a breeze to create graphic designs even for the toughest requests. Joanna, it’s always a pleasure working with you!

Angela Baumbach NOODLZ

Exceptionally skilled and brilliantly apropos.  If I were to describe Joanna Malik’s work in just a few words, these words describe it best.  Clearly, Joanna’s offering is at the pinnacle of the graphic design industry. Surprisingly, it is not until you experience Joanna’s high-level professionalism, as you navigate difficult issues that often arise, that you fully begin to appreciate the real value of having her on your creative team.  Joanna Malik’s ability to „get the vision” and understand the corporate needs of top-level organizations enables her to surpass even the most formidable competition in the visual arts field.  Rarely have I been so impressed with and thoroughly appreciated the products and services rendered by any professional provider, in any industry.

Anna Roubeix MUSICOM

Joanna  is one of the most creative people I know! She is professional, efficient, enthusiastic and  easy to work with. I would highly recommend her!

Justyna Szyszko CREATIVE DREAM

Exceptional cooperation, punctuality and meticulous attention to detail of artistic vision- all this stands for the highest quality product that Joanna delivers. Joanna has not only designed a logo and a website for our company but she also created distinguished image of our brand. We were glad to have achieved such an excellent outcome. Joanna has been very supportive and thorough in improving every detail of the project. Her inventive ideas and ingenious solutions together with professional approach in a friendly atmosphere contributed to fresh and modern image of our brand, which inspires makes our company unique.

Wojciech Kucharski PROAUTOMATION

ProAutomation is innovative integrator of automatic systems who provide complex solutions for industrial automation. Since 01.2012 we have been cooperated with FlyHigh Design represented by Joanna Malik. She was responsible for: -graphical representation of our company -logo preparation -web site layout -visiting cards Joanna has done excellent work, she was open-minded and crative. I am very satisfied with the professionalism and commitment that Joanna showed during this project.

Aneta Rudo HAQNA

Joanna is a personality of versatile talents and skills. Her attitude to work is highly professional and creative what makes her projects so exceptional and original. She passionately creates constantly new logos and marks.